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    Year 1 Holidays Launch Day

    Year 1 Holidays Launch Day


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    Year 2

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    Newsletters - Year 2

    22.9.17 We have been on a materials hunt in Science.
    15_9_17 ‘Celebrations’, partitioning and Top Grammar Tips.
    8_9_17 Welcome back! Star of the week and Spelling Bee.
    14_07_17 We’ve all had a fabulous time taking part in Healthy Living Week.
    07_07_17 Katie Morag, Healthy Living Week and Zumba Club.
    30_06_17 We have been busy preparing for our ‘Where we Live’ morning.
    23_07_17 Year 2 – We enjoyed our ‘Artist in Residence’ sessions with Mr Evans.
    16-06-2017 Horrid Henry diaries, voting and democracy, Bradley Woods trip and much more!
    09_06_17 In Numeracy, we have learnt how to round numbers to the nearest 10.
    26_5_17 We have been writing letters to an author.
    19_05_17 We have been busy working on our self-portraits.
    12_05_17 This week we have been improving our self-portrait drawing skills in Art.
    05_05_17 We have been practising athletics in PE.
    28_04_17 We are writing a story about Mr Quick the cook.
    07_04_17 We have been making Easter nests.
    31_03_17 We have been writing about Mrs Trip the teacher.
    24_03_17 We set up our own breakfast café.
    17_03_17 We have written a recount about our trip to the mosque.
    10_03_17 2F enjoyed our visit to the mosque and we learnt lots of new things.
    03_03_17 We have been exploring our new class reading book 'The Day the Crayons Quit'.
    17_02_17 We have been flying the kites that we made.
    10_02_17 Traction Man has been found by his pet, Scrubbing Brush! We wrote letters to thank him.
    03_02_17 We have been making 'Missing' posters for Traction Man.
    27_01_17 We have been using percussion instruments to follow different rhythms.
    20_01_17 We have been learning to divide by sharing and grouping.
    13_1_17 We have been making our own Traction Man movies.
    6-1-17 We have been reading Traction man and discussing the attributes of heroes.
    16-12-16 Merry Christmas, Christmas Talent Show and video chat with Santa.
    09-12-16 We had a wonderful time performing in our special concert.
    02-12-16 We have had our first nativity dress rehearsal on the stage.
    25-11-16 We have been making Russian soup.
    18-11-16 We have been thinking about what we would need to survive on a desert island!
    11-11-16 We had great fun launching our ‘Dressing up’ topic.
    4-11-16 ‘Lost Toy’ stories, Bonfire Night and Christmas concert.
    21-10-16 We performed our puppet show for Year 1
    14-10-16 We have been describing our favourite toy.
    7-10-16 We have been making human number lines.
    30-9-16 Dogger, Super Speller activities and Rangoli patterns.
    23-9-16 We have been writing instructions on how to make pizza.
    16-9-16 We have been dancing to the Rio Olympics music.
    9-9-16 Welcome back! Spelling Bee and Let’s Celebrate.

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