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    Activities for week commencing – 20 November 2017

    Activities for week commencing – 20 November 2017


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    Home-School Agreement

    Parent / Carer home and school agreement:

    As a parent/carer I have the responsibility to:

    • Take the opportunities provided by the school to discuss my child's progress;
    • Support my child's learning at home;
    • Ensure my child has the highest possible level of attendance and when absent inform the school of the reason;
    • Ensure my child is on time and properly equipped;
    • Support school guidelines for uniform and behaviour.
    • Ensure my child follows the school's policy on acceptable computer and internet use (see below)

    The school will try to ensure that pupils will have appropriate access to ICT to enhance their learning and will, in return, expect the pupils to agree to be responsible users. A copy of the Pupil Acceptable Use Policy is attached to this permission form, so that parents / carers will be aware of the school expectations of the young people in their care.

    Parents are requested to sign the home school agreement below to show their support of the school in this important aspect of the school's work.

    As the parent / carer of the above pupil:

    • I know that my son / daughter has signed an Acceptable Use Agreement and has received, or will receive, e-safety education to help them understand the importance of safe use of ICT - both in and out of school;
    • I understand that the school will take every reasonable precaution, including monitoring and filtering systems, to ensure that young people will be safe when they use the internet and ICT systems. I also understand that the school cannot ultimately be held responsible for the nature and content of materials accessed on the internet and using mobile technologies;
    • I understand that my son's / daughter's activity on the ICT systems will be monitored and that the school will contact me if they have concerns about any possible breaches of the Acceptable Use Policy;
    • I will encourage my child to adopt safe use of the internet and digital technologies at home and will inform the school if I have concerns over my child's e-safety;
    • I will support the school approach to online safety and not deliberately upload or add any images, sounds or text that could upset or offend any member of the school community;
    • *I will ensure that images taken of pupils at school events will be for personal use only and not uploaded or shared via the internet
    • I will refrain from using social networking sites to voice concerns regarding school issues;

    *Parents may take photographs at school events: however, they must ensure that any images or videos taken involving children other than their own are for personal use and will not be published on the internet including social networking sites