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    Year 1 Holidays Launch Day

    Year 1 Holidays Launch Day


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    3 21 Sep 17 Information Sheets, Appointments, Netball Club
    Diary of Events September - October 2017
    2 14 Sep 17 Pupil Absence, Volunteers, Parking
    1 7 Sep 17 Welcome, Dinners, Bun Sale
    38 13 Jul 17 End of term, school dinners, Uniform
    37 6 Jul 17 SATs, Staff, Sports Events
    36 29 Jun 17 Sports Events, Healthy Living Week, Concert tickets
    35 22 Jun 17 Sport, Year 5 & 6 Concert, Leavers' Book
    34 14 Jun 17 Social Media, St Joseph's Tournament, Sports Events
    33 7 Jun 17 Summer Fun Evening, Safeguarding, Parking

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