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    Activities for week commencing – 20 November 2017

    Activities for week commencing – 20 November 2017


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    Nursery / Out of School Care

    Brighouse SOS

    Toy Box Day Nursery

    Bridge End House Nursery

    Bridge End House Nursery Ltd

    What do we offer?

    Nurserires in both Brighouse & Fixby

    Brighouse 01484 719179 Fixby 01484 454854

    Please visit our website at www.bridge-endnursery.co.uk

    Before School Childcare

    We are open from 7.15am each morning (or 7am by prior arrangement), giving parents plenty of opportunity to get ahead of the rush hour. Each before school session offers a range of individual and group activities. Breakfast is served in the clubs, comprising of a choice of cereals, yoghurts, fresh fruit with milk, fruit juice or water to drink. At the end of the session children are escorted to school in our fleet of people carriers, with a familiar member of staff who will ensure they are taken to their designated meeting point and will remain in the playground until the children are safely inside school.

    After School Childcare

    In many cases the school day ends before people have finished work, training or their own studies. The governments extended schools agenda seeks to address the conflict between being available to collect children at the end of the school day and parents/carers own pursuit of employment, training or education by encouraging schools to offer services beyond the end of their normal school day. After school childcare is one of these initiatives and provides childcare long after normal extra curricular activities. At Bridge End House Nursery we collect your child at the end of the school day from the main hall and provide childcare up to 6pm (or 6.30pm by prior arrangement.) Children are collected by a team of staff from each site and transported to the club they attend, Brighouse or Fixby.

    Whilst they attend the club, they are provided with a range of planned and spontaneous activities from well resourced selection, of role play, creative activities, construction or ICT. In addition children may choose to simply relax and socialize with each other at the end of a long school day. A meal is inclusive in the after school club serving a range of healthy nutritious foods, such as spaghetti bolognaise , lasagne, pies and vegetables as well as casseroles and curries and chilli. These meals are intended to boost energy levels but for some children they provide a suitable afternoon meal, and even for older children the need for a large meal at the end of the day is replaced by only requiring a light snack/supper.

    Holiday Club

    The holiday club is a solution to the childcare issues that are presented by school holidays and teacher training days. Our holiday schemes are registered independently of our out of school clubs and again are run from both sites. This means that there is no requirement for parents to have to use the same days as they do term time, allowing flexibility for family holidays or family members, for some of the time. Children do not have to attend the out of school club to attend the holiday club, and children and families who do not use the clubs normally are welcome to attend. Our service begins at 7.15am and is open until 6.00pm. (Additional hours as in the out of school clubs can be booked by prior arrangement.)A wide variety of trips and excursions are planned to ensure the children have a different venue to look forward to each time they attend, this ensures that children really feel as though they are on holiday, with the added bonus of having fun with all their friends. Some of our recent trips have included, Scarborough Castle, Blackpool Zoo, Camelot and St Leonards Farm. We do try to vary the trips available each holiday so that the children who attend regularly do not get bored with venues and have something new to look forward to, however we are always happy to revisit places that the children love. The club includes all meals and refreshments throughout the day, and a nutritional packed lunch is provided for when we are out and about, with a hot cooked meal upon return.

    All provision is fully inclusive of all transport, entrance fees and meals, ensuring there are no hidden extras. Please contact us for current fees for our provision at either site.

    Brighouse SOS
    Daisy Road, Brighouse, HD3 6SX
    Telephone: 01484 400915
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: www.brighousesos.co.uk

    What Do Brighouse SOS Offer?
    Brighouse School's Out Scheme is an out of school club scheme located on the Woodhouse Primary School grounds (in the portacabin, just off the car park). We have a fully qualified team of playworkers and an on-site coordinator. SOS is run as a charity by a committee of parents of existing members, which means we are not run to make a profit and all surplus funds are ploughed back in to the scheme for the benefit of the children. Our commitment is to provide safe, professional care in a fun and friendly environment at an affordable price.

    Before and After School Care
    During term time we offer a before and after school club service for pupils of Woodhouse Primary School with drop off and collection at the school. We have access to the school playing fields and use them where possible to keep kids active and make the most of the outdoors.

    Holiday Club
    Our team of playworkers creates an exciting activity plan for each holiday to ensure no one is bored! Learn to climb, take part in a Sports Day or bake your own pizzas, every day is different. During holiday periods our service is open to children from all schools in the area, and you do not need to be on our term time register to use the club. We also have a limited number of half day places. Please enquire at SOS using the above contact details to find out how we can help with your regular or ad-hoc requirements.

    Session Times
    The scheme opens from 7.15am and closes at 5.45pm daily, Monday to Friday.

    Meal Options
    We offer a breakfast option in the morning and a light snack after school.

    Payment Options
    We have full time places for 26 children. We accept childcare vouchers from a wide variety of suppliers, direct debit payments, payment plans as well as cheque. Single parent discount and sibling discounts are available.

    Prices (current at July 2015)
    Session prices start from just £3.55. Please see our website for current pricing.

    Contacts & Information:
    Setting Co-Ordinator: Amy Tyrell | Chairman: Gary Kelley
    A member of Kids Club Network | OFTED 303700 | Registered charity No. 1012711 | Brighouse SOS is a limited company

    Toy Box Day Nursery

    For the most up to date information and pricing please visit www.toyboxbrighouse.co.uk

    Daisy Road, Brighouse, HD6 3SX

    Tel: 01484 717180

    Toy Box Day Nursery is conveniently situated in the grounds of Woodhouse Primary School, Daisy Road, Brighouse.

    It is registered for 40 children between the ages of 18 months and 4 years old.

    The Nursery is open Monday - Friday for 51 weeks a year, closing only for Bank Holidays and one week at Christmas.

    We work closely with parents to make sure your child gets the most out of nursery.

    The Nursery consists of one large open plan room, divided into bays which cover all six early learning goals:

    If you require further information about our exceptional facilities, please contact the Nursery Manager.


    To meet the varying needs of parents / carers, we offer the following sessions:

    Help with the cost of childcare is available in a number of ways. Ask us for more information.