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    Activities for week commencing – 20 November 2017

    Activities for week commencing – 20 November 2017


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    Our curriculum for maths recognises its importance to everyday life and how it links to science, technology, financial literacy and most forms of employment. We place great emphasis on number fluency , mathematical reasoning and problem solving.

    Fluency: considering the meaning of an operation, recording work carefully, considering the reasonableness of an answer

    Reasoning: following a line of enquiry, considering relationships between numbers, justifying answers, using correct mathematical language

    Problem solving: using and applying maths to a variety of problems, breaking down problems into smaller steps and persevering in seeking solutions

    We provide pupils with a variety of learning experiences which enable them to make connections and apply their mathematical knowledge across the curriculum. Lessons incorporate a mixture of activities to develop mental maths strategies, written methods and consolidation of these skills. In the reception classes, maths skills are taught in a variety of ways: discretely and integrated through focused activities in the outdoor and indoor learning space.

    Pupils are taught a variety of strategies to become secure with number bonds and multiplication tables to 12. These skills are intrinsic for the development of the formal written methods of recording calculations. Pupils who grasp these are subsequently challenged through being offered more sophisticated problems to deepen their understanding. Pupils who are not sufficiently fluent with earlier concepts have additional practice and may be taught different strategies to enable them to move on.

    You can see an overview by cohorts on our curriculum page.