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    Activities for week commencing – 20 November 2017

    Activities for week commencing – 20 November 2017


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    Our curriculum for RE adheres to the statutory curriculum for maintained schools in Calderdale and is authorised by the Standing Advisory Council (SACRE).

    You can see an overview by cohorts on our curriculum page.

    The three aims of the curriculum are as follows:

     Teaching and learning will focus on the core religions: Christianity; Islam; Sikhism; Judaism; Buddhism and Hinduism whilst recognising diversity and the many other systems of belief. Lessons will follow an enquiry and investigative approach teaching pupils to articulate their personal beliefs whilst respecting the right of others to differ.

    Year  1

    Who is special to us?

    How do Christians and Muslims celebrate new life

     How do we celebrate special occasions?

     Which books and stories are special?

    Year  2

    What does it mean to belong to a church or a mosque?

    How can we make good choices?

    How do people pray?

    How can we work together to take care of our planet?

    Year  3

    What does it mean to be a Jew?


    How are beliefs expressed through arts?


    What do Christians believe about a good life?


    What do creation stories tell us about our world?


    Year  4

    What faiths make up our community and how can we ensure that everyone belongs?

    How do festivals use light as a symbol?

    Who can inspire us?

    What words of wisdom can guide us?

    Year  5

    Why are some places and journeys special?

    What do Muslims believe about a good life?

    Should we forgive others? 


    What matters most to believers?

    Year 6

    What does it mean to be a Sikh?

    Can charity change the world?

    What is compassion?

    What is important to Christians?